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Coconut Squeezy melts

R215,00 Incl. VAT

Extra Scented Waxmelts!

Use these squeezy melts for an even more intense fragrance experience, or squeeze a lit bit into the last of your other waxmelts to top up the fragrance, And mix and match them to create your own fragrance experience. 

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Indulge in the delightful aroma of Coconut, capturing the essence of fresh coconut and transporting you to a tropical paradise. With its exotic scent reminiscent of sunny beaches and swaying palm trees, this fragrance offers a rejuvenating olfactory experience that invigorates the senses..

Product Summary:

Weight – 115g

Measurements – 8cm (l) x 3cm (w) x 17cm (h)

Please Note: These waxmelts are made from a blend of soy wax, coconut wax and coconut oil. They may get softer in warmer temperatures, and can be stored in the fridge.

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