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Most Wanted and Most Loved

Receive a R 100.00 discount code for your next order when your order exceeds R 2 500.00! Delivery is between 3 – 7 working days, depending on your location.

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Thoughtful + Timeless

All our candles and wax melts are hand poured, made from eco friendly soy wax and scented with only the finest fragrances. Each crystal and floral combination is carefully selected to pair with each scent to bring not only a candle, but a unique experience into your home.

The Micro Batch method

We make all our products in micro batches. This is to ensure that each product arrives in your home, fresh and at it’s finest. If your favorite product is out of stock, and you’re in a hurry for a replacement, let us know. We also do custom candles, so if you want a specific fragrance paired with a specific crystal and florals, get in touch.